Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Access to technology; new roommate; etc.

I helped Joe move out today. Dave moved in. He's playing drums in the new band I'm starting, and he's pretty hilarious. He also has a computer, which means I might update this more often.

I was fired on Thursday, which really pissed me off. I have had a horrible toothache since early last week, and it gave me a fever. So when I called in on Thursday to tell them I couldn't come to work the owner responded with, "...[annoyed sigh, followed by an awkward pause] ... things just aren't working out, Cole." I said something like, "um... ok?" and then he hung up. What the fuck?! I hadn't called in before, and I fucking covered other peoples shifts when they called in- once working a 12 hour day after I had driven straight to work from Cincinnati.

Fuck. I hate looking for jobs.

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